Enlighten<sup>®</sup> Skin Rejuvenation

Enlighten® Skin Rejuvenation

Experience Skin Rejuvenation with Enlighten®

Renewing your skin and feeling refreshed shouldn’t be a chore. While the Cutera® PICO Genesis FX is a great system on its own, adding the enlighten® lens into the mix gives you greater benefits. If you struggle with acne scars, skin texture issues, or enlarged pores, the enlighten®’s microlens array may be just the ticket to giving you the clear skin you deserve. This treatment is also a great option for tattoo removal. To learn more, schedule your consultation at our Clermont or Orlando location today.


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What Is Enlighten® Skin Rejuvenation?

Enlighten® is a lens for the PICO Genesis laser. This lens functions as a vital piece of the treatment process, offering skin revitalization in fewer than three treatment sessions. This makes a major difference by reducing the strain on your skin and giving you the gorgeous results you want. Treatments are non-invasive and result in little to no downtime after the visit.

What Does This Treatment Address?

This treatment selectively shatters pigmented areas and promotes collagen production. Over time, as collagen increases, your skin texture improves. This treatment is effective for all skin types and can address:

Laser tattoo removal is also possible due to the enlighten®’s power and precision. This device allows for the targeted removal of ink, eliminating tattoos in just a handful of simple sessions.

The Treatment Procedure

During your visit to our Clermont or Orlando location, your skin will first be evaluated to ensure that it can safely be treated with the PICO Genesis laser. If so, we can begin the procedure. Treatment involves the use of laser wavelengths which are dispursed using a handpiece. The handpiece will be pressed against your skin in several areas during the procedure. Treatment time and the number of sessions you need will vary based on your particular goals. This procedure results in little, if any downtime.

Enlighten® Treatments in Clermont and Orlando 

If you are interested in reducing acne, pigmentation, or tattoo ink, our enlighten® treatments may be right for you. To learn more, get in touch with our team at Beach Aesthetics to find out if this laser is suitable for you. Request your appointment using the online scheduler below.

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