Exosome Facial

Exosome Facial

Dealing With Lack Luster Skin?

Ever wish you could turn back your skin’s biological clock? Honestly, who doesn’t? Despite even the best skin care regimen, aging, sun damage, hormonal fluctuations, and other skin assailants can take a tremendous toll on your face in a relatively short period. So how on earth can you snatch back your youth from Mother Nature’s hands? Simple, by turning the tables in your favor with regenerative aesthetics. At Beach Aesthetics, we know that aging is out of your control but, we also know that how you handle it is entirely up to you. Using the latest advances in anti-aging regenerative aesthetics, you now have the power to transform your skin from the inside out and shed years off your appearance. If you’re ready to turn the tables on aging and skin damage, microneedling and exosome facial treatments might just be your new go-to regimen. Contact us for your consultation today.


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Microneedling with Exosome Application

The Exosome facial combines the collagen-stimulating capabilities of SkinPen® microneedling with the powerful healing properties of exosomes for a profound anti-aging effect. Exosomes, often referred to as the body’s messengers, communicate with your damaged and aging skin cells to stimulate new, healthy cell growth and development. Regenerative facials begin with the microneedling portion of the treatment, after which we immediately apply exosomes. After application, these tiny communicators instantly start working in concert with your body’s immune system to begin the healing and regeneration process. Together, they double down on repairing skin damage, creating new structural proteins, and building new, healthy skin cells.

Why Exosomes?

Scientists have recently discovered that exosomes, not stem cells, guide the formation of new tissues throughout the body. Stem cells are the building blocks of your entire body that secrete these tiny extracellular vesicles as a form of communication between cells. What makes exosomes so unique is what they carry: proteins, lipids, growth factors, and genetic material that represent their parent stem cells. Exosomes transfer this crucial cellular information to new cells to influence their development and proliferation. Exosomes transfer cellular “blueprints” from healthy skin cells to damaged or dying skin cells on a fundamental level. These “instructions” guide the formation of healthy new skin, resulting in a significantly more youthful, smooth, glowing complexion.

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