Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating)

Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating)

 The Game Changer For Those With Excessive Sweat

Do you struggle with excessive sweating? Hyperhidrosis is more common than you think. This condition can be embarrassing and stressful to deal with. If you are struggling with this issue, our team at Beach Aesthetics can help. We offer effective botulinum toxin injections (BOTOX®) to help you find the relief you deserve. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the go-to injectable when it comes to beauty. However, its main ingredient can also be an effective option for treating excess sweating. The process takes less than 15 minutes, and the results last for months. Schedule a consultation at one of our central Florida locations to learn more today.


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What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a term used to refer to excessive sweating, especially sweating under the arms. Sweating is essential because it keeps your body cool, so you cannot stop sweating entirely. However, sweating can cause embarrassment, stress, and potentially social withdrawal. Opting in for a professional treatment may be the best bet for getting your sweating under control.

How Does Hyperhidrosis Occur?

Your body produces sweat to keep itself at a sustainable temperature. But in some cases, sweat glands can go into overdrive and produce much more sweat than you need. This can happen because of a hereditary disorder where the nerves that signal your sweat glands when to turn on and off do not function properly. This causes you to sweat even when you don’t need to cool down. Hyperhidrosis can also be a symptom of infection, diabetes, or hormonal changes like menopause.

Treatment Options

The good news about this condition is that certain nerve-blocking medications and prescribed antiperspirants can help ease symptoms. Here at Beach Aesthetics, we provide BOTOX® Cosmetic to treat this condition. The neuromodulator injectables have been shown to effectively shut down certain sweat glands, thereby reducing the severity of the problem for months at a time. Explore your options at Beach Aesthetics! 

Injectable Treatments for Hyperhidrosis in Clermont and Orlando

At Beach Aesthetics, we offer effective injectable treatments for addressing excessive sweating. If you are struggling with hyperhidrosis, we urge you to contact an office near you today. Request your appointment in Orlando or Clermont using the form below.

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